Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 8, 2015

Waterfalls to see in Dalat

There are so many waterfalls in Dalat that you may get confused of which ones to see. Here we suggest two of the most beautiful waterfall in the area.

01. Pongour waterfall.
About 40 kilometers south of Dalat you’ll find Pongour Waterfall, it's a bit of a drive but doable. You can arrange for a tour, or rent a motorbike and make your way down there on your own! You have to make a steep climb down to the bottom of the waterfall, but the view is absolutely worth it. Be careful on the slippery rocks, and have fun taking in the scene!

02. Elephant waterfall

An amazing, powerful mighty waterfall! Lush, green and overgrown with rainforest. It's a short way down to the falls but a bit of a slippery. Be prepared with grippy shoes and ready to get wet!

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