Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 8, 2015

Waterfalls to see in Dalat

There are so many waterfalls in Dalat that you may get confused of which ones to see. Here we suggest two of the most beautiful waterfall in the area.

01. Pongour waterfall.
About 40 kilometers south of Dalat you’ll find Pongour Waterfall, it's a bit of a drive but doable. You can arrange for a tour, or rent a motorbike and make your way down there on your own! You have to make a steep climb down to the bottom of the waterfall, but the view is absolutely worth it. Be careful on the slippery rocks, and have fun taking in the scene!

02. Elephant waterfall

An amazing, powerful mighty waterfall! Lush, green and overgrown with rainforest. It's a short way down to the falls but a bit of a slippery. Be prepared with grippy shoes and ready to get wet!

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Crazy Canyoning In Dalat - Something Different In Your Vietnam Trip

Traveling in Vietnam, sometimes you want to do a little more adventure in your travel. Come to Dalat and give the extreme Canyoning a try. 

Canyoning is the term used for hiking through a canyon, which involves navigating rough and steep terrain. This may require you to climb, swim, jump or repel. Canyoning in Da Lat gives you several opportunities to repel — even a couple of chances to repel down a waterfall. Canyoning tours are offered by several companies in Da Lat such as Highland Sports Travel, Phattire Adventure, Groovy Gecko, etc. All of them have their own guides and gears to get you in, and out, of the canyon. 

The Canyoning starts at 08:00, so you need to get up early for breakfast, Vietnamese coffee before being picked up at Hobbit Hostel. It takes 20-30 minutes to travel by car to the waterfall. You will be geared up with hardness, helmet, and life vest.

A quick hike into the forest will bring you to the practice place where you learn how to use the equipment, move along the rope, and make a tall jump. The first challenge is a 15-metre cliff, then you make your way to the slides: a small waterfall with somewhat smooth grooves that you slide down into the deep water underneath. You will slide down front-ways, backwards, and even as a group.

After the slides you head to the biggest challenge of the day: a 25-metre waterfall that you are to repel down. Here you should to walk slowly because the cliff face is very slick from the water, plus once you hit the halfway point, the falling water prevents you from being able to look at the guide on top. Also, at the very bottom (4 meter above the water), you have to let go and fall in.

Jumping off a 11-metre cliff into deep water below is the next challenge before you finish with the Washing Machine waterfall. Here, after a few metres you are no longer able to touch the wall with your feet and you have to lower yourself into rushing water, which starts to spin you around. It’s crazy because you’re hanging on a rope but, with the waterfall rushing over your body, you’re technically under water. And once you’re in the water, you have to quickly lower yourself or you’ll spin like crazy.

After the crazy Washing Machine, you'll take a long hike back to the road and get dropped off at Hobbit Hostel at around 15:00.
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If you wish to do Canyoning in Dalat, contact us at or: +84912526379 (Mr. Win)